Cover It Up

Bathing suits are of course the summer’s most worn article of clothing, but your bathing suit outfit is not complete without a perfect and complementary cover up. Bathing suit cover ups are perfect for throwing on over your suit for a walk down the beach, to add a little bit more modesty to your look for a meal at a poolside restaurant, and to protect your skin from the sun’s hottest rays.

Just like swimwear, cover ups come in so many different styles and colors that you may end up purchasing more than one. Kooey and Qiss Qiss showed traditional tunic cover ups, Kooey’s in a colorful, kaleidoscope pattern, and Qiss Qiss’ in simple white with decorative detailing. If you’re looking for a cover up just for your lower half, Lisa Blue showed a full-length skirt cover up at her recent show. Beach Bunny and Crystal Jin offer a flirty, romper style for cover up shoppers looking for something with a little sass. If you’d like something to cover your shoulders, Tyler Rose’s striped cover up top is a great option.