Femme, Flirty & Fabulous

A swimwear trend that is proving its longevity this season is the feminine aesthetic. From pretty in pink to whimsical in white, "girly" colors and features are so in right now! Many swimsuits are being adorned with oversized bows, lacy layers and ruffles. These ultra-femme garments are sure to be "awww"-inspiring with their cute and delicate details, which will inspire you to embrace your femininity.

Kate Spade found her own inspiration in big bows, which serve as the focal point of her adorable feminine line. One suit, a one-piece with adjustable straps, comes in a solid coral color with a bow across the chest. A similar design showcases a strapless suit in a baby pink color with a giant bow covered in rhinestones.

Another brand, Marysia Swim, uses feminine lines and shapes to evoke this trend. The bikinis are scalloped on the top and bottom, giving a feminine curve to each suit. While one embodies a precious pastel pink, another adds a baby blue into the mix, combined with large white polka dots and a pink heart shape on one half of the bust.

Michael Kors, on the other hand, utilizes delicate whites and fluttery textures to create a flirty, feminine look. One bikini blossoms with repeated white flowers, complete with rhinestones at their centers. A Michael Kors one-piece steals our hearts with its adorable white lace outlined with a layer of flouncy ruffles. It is almost reminiscent of a girl's lacy undergarments (and we mean that in the best way possible).

Juicy Couture combines all of these features to create the ultimate femme line, using whites, pinks, lace, bows, stripes, ruffles and even pearls. The swimsuits range in styles from rouched one-pieces to dainty bikinis to skirted two-pieces. Take your pick at any one of these cute creations!

Almost every girl wants to show off her feminine style at some point in her life, so why not do so while sporting one of these ultra-femme and fun bathing suits? Embrace your femininity and go girly!