High-Necks and Low Bottoms

Crop tops are in, that's a given. But what is becoming increasingly more popular is the high-neck crop top, and it is finding its way into the swimwear scene and making a home in several bikini lines this summer!

For the hipster and fashionista alike, the high-neck crop top is a buzzing trend this season. While this bikini may not be the best suit for tanning, it is a strong fashion choice that will leave you looking hip and stylish. The high neckline balances out your teeny bikini bottoms while providing comfort and class. Get all the coverage you need on the top and show off your curves on the bottom. You can even mix and match with a variety of different bikini bottom styles (bikini cut, string bikini, high-waisted, etc).

This design is featured in the affordable line of Jaded London, where you can find several printed bikinis like the ying-yang print, the chains and flowers, or the other colorful floral pattern. These suits make for a funky and unique addition to your swimwear wardrobe. Another affordable option is the basic blue high-neck crop top from PINK by Victoria's Secret, which is a simple, yet functional option for this style. However, this trend is also featured in higher end designer's swimwear collections, like the blue and red paisley prints by Michael Kors. You're sure to get some double-takes in suits like these!

If all you want out of a bikini is to work on your tan, then this is probably not the suit for you. On the other hand, if you want to show off your style and make a statement, then a high-neck crop top bikini could be just the thing. Not only are they trendy, cute and fun, but they're also one of the hottest styles of 2015. So, what are you waiting for? Try one on for size!