Long Live the Long Sleeve

A trend that may seem a bit strange at first has washed up on the shores of this swimwear season-- It is none other than the long-sleeved swimsuit. Though some may find it peculiar to wear long-sleeves in the summer, let alone on the beach, we here at Swimwear Trends are finding this particular trend to be quite stylish and chic. The long-sleeved suit appeals to those who want to remain both sporty and fashionable. You'll have no trouble taking a dip in frigid waters or getting a little rough on a boogie board with long sleeves that provide warmth and comfort while acting as both insulation and rash guards. Also, the inspiring looks that designers are bringing to this trend leave little to be desired.

On the runway this season, Mara Hoffman debuted her line of long-sleeved swimwear that utilizes vibrant colors and intricate patterns, ranging from Aztec to Bohemian. She offers suits that come in one to two pieces, with a variety of cuts and styles.

However, she was not alone in showcasing this trend on the runway. Cia Maritima also showed off a collection of super cute long-sleeved swimsuits. From a beautiful multicolored tribal print to a serene yellow sunset, her suits will allow you to dress to impress while lounging by the pool or on the beach.

Wildfox Couture offers a similar style with their two-piece patterned long-sleeve suit/rash guard. Featuring an evil eye graphic, this colorful, geometric pattern is sure to stand out, in the water or on the sand.

While this trend may take some getting used to, it definitely has some great potential. Long live the long sleeve!