Retro Revival

People tend to look nostalgically back on times that they perceive to be better than the modern day. For this reason, fashion trends are continually recycled and revamped, reappearing in contemporary wardrobes. Retro or vintage styles have become increasingly popular, not only in everyday clothing, but in swimwear. They have become highly romanticized, creeping into the closets of many girls who claim that they "should have been born in the 50's" (or 60's, or 70's, or 80's). Retro swimsuits evoke the feeling of a different era, transporting those who wear them back into a time of pin-ups and polka dots. Some of them fit into the High-Waisted category of our previous post.

This season, fulfill your retro craze with Esther Williams's affordable line of vintage-inspired suits that range from one-pieces to bikinis. Go for a classic look with her red polka dotted, high-waisted suit, or the one-piece polka dots in blue. If you're feeling a little more exotic, try the retro floral print with halter straps, or the multi-colored galaxy print.

Other places that you can find this trend are in the lines of Marc Jacobs, with his blue finch patterned retro suit, or Wildfox, with their pink retro Barbie one-piece (which has more of an 80's feel).

By buying retro swimwear, you are investing in apparel that will not only look good during this season, but for many to come, as these suits will never go out of style!