Skirting Around Swimsuit Season

Swimsuit Season is a time that can be dreaded by many. The weather is hot, which means that the amount of clothing that people wear comes to a minimum. Swimsuits become socially accepted as wardrobe for the heated summer months, as blazers are replaced with bikinis. For those of us that don't have perfectly toned, supermodel bodies, this can seem pretty daunting. While a woman should be free to wear whatever type of suit she chooses, there are options for those who would rather remain a bit more conservative when the time comes to actually go to the beach/ pool/ lake, etc. We present to you (drumroll, please) the skirted swimsuit!

Skirted swimsuits can come in two pieces with a skirt on the bottoms to allow for more lower body coverage, or they can be full on one-piece swim dresses that accommodate for coverage on both the upper and lower areas of the body. It should be noted, even if you don't have any problem with showing off your body, the skirted swimsuit can still be a fun and flirty option for any woman.

Kenneth Cole Reaction created skirted swimsuits that are classy and chic. The multicolored paisley swim dress has great length and is ruched at the midsection to flatter any figure. The blue swim dress by KC has ruching all over, including the top, giving it an elegant look when paired with the thin spaghetti straps and dainty skirt. If you're up for showing a bit more skin, the haltered blue two-piece with a ruffled and ruched skirt is the way to go.

Another trendy skirted two-piece is the blue and white tropical leaf patterned one by Swim Systems. It has double straps on the top and ties on the side of the skirt to add even more personality to the fun print and style.

Gottex also has some very classy and fashionable skirted swimwear, some of which look more like dresses than bathing suits! An example is the deep blue swim dress that is fitted with pleats at the top and flowy at the bottom. This is the kind of suit that I would have no shame wearing in public, whether on the beach or not. Another cute suit is the light pink bandeau-top one-piece. It is ruched all over and covers your entire midsection while allowing your shoulders to remain uncovered and free. Finally, Gottex offers a flirty skirted two-piece suit with a black and white polka dot pattern and ruffled edges. The top is in the style of a strapless tankini with a bow in the center, allowing only a sliver of skin to show between the top and bottoms.

A final designer that is turning this trend into a fashion phenomenon is Betsey Johnson. Her two different floral swim dresses- one haltered and one strapless- are cute, sexy, functional and comfortable. They are colorful and pretty while still conforming to any body type. One of them even has a pocket for ultimate convenience and practicality. We'd say that Betsey takes the cake on this trend!

So, if you're one of those people that would rather skip Swimsuit Season all together, perhaps you can reconsider with options like the skirted swimsuit and the swim dress. With great designers like these, it's not a difficult decision!