Something's Fishy

A new trend is on the rise in swimwear and it is taking the form of fish, boats, coral and undersea imagery. Several brands are incorporating nautical themes and oceanic prints into their designs, resulting in an aesthetic that is both fresh and vibrant.

You can become one with the ocean in the designs of Agua de Coco, which did rather swimmingly (no pun intended) on the runways of Miami Fashion Week. Her line includes various sea imagery, from shells to ocean life, in a wide array of colors and patterns. A personal favorite is the coral body suit with embellishments on the arms. The colors contrast beautifully and the intricate details of the sleeves really sell the look! A close second is the zip-up body suit, adorned with a repetitive pattern of yellow fish. There are so many different styles and prints in this line, from loose and flowy to tight and form-fitting, but they fit together in such a cohesive way that you can't help but be mesmerized by the entire collection. You go, Agua de Coco!

Lili Sampedro is another designer, based out of Brasil, who made her mark on a nautical note. Her designs feature sailboats and anchors, with matching cover-ups to pair with her bikinis. If you're feeling crabby, go for the oversized crab cover-up, which utilizes the contrasting colors of red and green to make the images pop.

If you're looking for something a little more economical, check out Swim Sexy. For a one-piece, look to the super stylish suit depicting a whole underwater scene, complete with coral beds and schools of fish. It has three straps and a deep v-neck, creating a curvaceous swimsuit with character. If you prefer a two-piece suit, check out the aqua bikini featuring images of pink jellyfish. The bottoms are high-waisted and ruffled to flatter your figure and the top has a fitted bust for maximum support.

When your options are to sink or swim, choose to swim with a cool suit that gives the phrase "swimming with the fishes" a whole new meaning!