Swimming in Slogans

What better way to show off your personality than with a quippy or cute slogan on your swimwear that reflects your summer attitude? This was the mindset of several swimwear designers as they incorporated text into their designs this season. Most slogans are short, sweet, and to the point, referencing popular lingo and pop culture. Some slogans are cheeky and playful while others are cleverly blunt. Due to the need for extra writing space, this trend appears mostly on one-piece bathing suits, but can also show up on the occasional rash guard. Regardless, we are sure to be swimming in slogans this season!

Wildfox is known for its stylish clothing which often features a slogan or short phrase. This trend has migrated to their swimwear with suits like the red "This Bod's for You" one-piece and the "Wild Thing" suit in black with pastel pink lettering. These slogans are provocative, so you're sure to get a reaction with one of these smooth suits!

Brands like Urban Outfitters and This is a Love Song also adhere to this trend with straightforward slogans like "Heat Wave" and "Swim Good," respectively. They counter their simple slogans with bright and bold colors, ensuring that you'll stand out in these summery options.

Another brand, Private Party, provides affordable one-pieces with clever puns and contemporary references. Their red "Bae Watch" suit steals the show, while other suits sport phrases like "Surfboard Surfboard" (Beyoncé, anybody?), "Champagne Campaign," "IDFWU," and "Bout That Lyfe."

Victoria's Secret offers this fad on a rash guard, allowing you to show off your tummy and your wit all in one suit. The slogan "It's Better Where The Boys Are" is a playful and fun way to apply this trend, as well as a great way to showcase your flirty personality.

Make a statement without speaking a word by giving this swimwear trend a shot. Even if these phrases don't suit your fancy, there's sure to be a slogan out there for you!