Tankini Tan Lines

Less is more... unless you are referring to bathing suits. Sometimes it is preferable to have a bit more coverage when exposing yourself to the sun on a hot summer day. For those of us who don't like the feeling of a one-piece suit, a tankini is an easy solution. It consists of a tank top paired with bikini bottoms, allowing your midsection to breathe while covering a larger portion of your body than a regular bikini.

The tankini maintains the modesty of a one-piece suit with the convenience of a bikini. It also works well as sportswear, so you can feel free to get down and dirty in the sand for a game of beach volleyball without exposing what you want to remain hidden. There are many styles to choose from -- from halter tops to crop tops to camisoles -- so you may enable your own comfort with the cut that best suits you (no pun intended).

DKNY embodies this style with a chic lace halter tankini in off-white and brown that provides a sophisticated swimwear look. If you want something a little less embellished, DKNY also offers a bright red halter tankini that is simple, but sexy. You can find other colors and styles in-store or online.

Kenneth Cole provides a simple design with a classic blue tankini that is gathered at the bust. He also doesn't discriminate against body size, which is evident in the halter tankini made for the Plus Size department. It is multicolor with blue, green, white, and black, showing that size and style can go hand in hand.

Jessica London's 2015 line includes a floral patterned tankini with a sporty feel that is perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle. You can also go with a cool color palette with her blue animal print tankini. This is another designer that has options that are ideal for a curvy figure.

The tankini is the perfect in-between for someone who doesn't want a one-piece or a bikini. It accounts for all body types, providing a flattering fit no matter what your size. It combines style, comfort, and convenience to create a suit that is sure to make a splash!