Top It Off

The weather outside may just be gearing up for winter, but here at, we're getting ready for Resort 2012! Designers have debuted their new collections and resortwear is hitting the stores.

One of the newest and most prominent styles in the 2012 swimwear world is what we like to call "Top It Off": layering a lightweight sweater or jacket over your swimwear. This is a great option as we move into the Resort season; cool mornings and brisk evenings aren't uncommon and adding a top layer will keep you warm when the sun isn't at its warmest. Mix and match your top layer with your suit, or go for a matching option.

One way to Top Off your swimwear is with a thin sweater, such as Bottega Veneta's light brown sweater and one-piece suit option. Black detailing on the suit combined with a belt to cinch the waist creates a trendy yet casual look.

There are lots of options if you prefer the weightier look of a jacket. Both Michael Kors and Herve Leger are selling matching black and white jacket-and-swimwear combinations; Michael Kors' a bikini version, Herve Leger's a one-piece. Three-quarter length sleeves keep the look from seeming too cold-weather.

Straying from traditional matched looks, Chanel and Tory Burch showed one-piece swimwear with complementary jackets. Chanel opted for a classic look featuring a black suit and an orange and black-trimmed white jacket. Tory Burch complemented a patterned suit by covering it with a cream jacket trimmed in light brown.