Waist Cinching

Belts are not a new addition to the fashion accessory world, but as time goes on, they find their way into more and more areas of our wardrobes. 2012 is no different; this year, belts are making their way onto our swimwear. Waist Cinching is a trend that is picking up quickly and is not slowing down.

Not only does Waist Cinching add some glitz and uniqueness to an otherwise simple piece of swimwear, it also gives us an opportunity to dig out some of those belts we bought with the best intentions but never found that perfect outfit for. And for those of us with boyish figures, Waist Cinching helps to define an otherwise straight-up-and-down midsection, while ladies who dislike their tummies can camouflage, or even hide, them with a strategically-chosen wide belt.

Oscar de la Renta’s black and white geometric one-piece can be accented with a gold chain belt looped a couple of times around the middle for a waist-cinching look. Throw on a matching or coordinating jacket to Top It Off and you’ll look like you’re hot off the Oscar de la Renta runway.

Look no further than Michael Kors if you’re desperate for a statement belt for Waist Cinching. A simple black one-piece wrapped and belted with a metallic gold band is available from Michael Kors, as is an hip-slung bag that doubles as a carrying piece and waist-accenting fashion accessory. Both looks are fabulously belted yet different enough to suit an array of styles.

Nights during the Resort season can be a little chilly, so if you’re not quite ready to trade in your suit for something a bit warmer once the cool evening air hits, why not throw on a sweater and cinch the middle with a belt that pops? TSE featured this look using a black suit, cream medium-weight sweater and a black belt and matching heeled sandals.

There’s another way to get into Waist Cinching, even if you’d rather avoid wearing a heavy or waist-restricting belt around your middle. There are lots of styles that look like they’re belted around the middle; on closer inspection you’ll realize that’s just part of the design. Miraclesuit has a great leopard print with the pattern’s darkest areas strategically banded around the middle, while Tommy Bahama’s bandeau one-piece has a dark blue band under the bust, arranged among a sea of lighter blues and white.